Saturday, 2 March 2013

Second hand store treasures

I love little second hand store treasures. They only cost a dollar or two and can be painted up to give them new life, or just left the way they are to create retro decorations to brighten up shelves. Here are some little things I found the other day. I used paint test pots to paint them:



(I already started painting the frame in the top right)
Here are some of the items with cream coloured paint brushed on them to give a rustic shabby chic look. The little jar has some cream paint swirled around the inside, but I still need to add some other colours to make it interesting. I also painted the basket (in the second photo, above) in the same colour and I'm planning to put a lavender plant in it.

Here are the little wooden goblets painted in bright blue:

Here is a ceramic bottle (or vase?) that was dark blue but I didn't take a 'before' photo of it. Its now a lovely purple colour. I brushed the colour on leaving some of the underside showing to make it more interesting.

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