Sunday, 17 February 2013

Building a closet organiser

In my previous post I wrote about building a shoe organiser for our entranceway closet, and mentioned that I'd bought extra timber to build a closet organiser for my bedroom. Here is the original link with the instructions for building the shoe organiser:

The closet organiser was built in the same way, except that I cut the MDF to make two 1.5m (5 foot) lengths for the sides and then cut four shelves at 30cm (1 foot) each so that they are 30cm squared.

This organiser is great for storing jeans, winter clothing, socks, handbags etc. My photo looks a bit dark but once I put a closet light and some more colourful clothes in there, it should brighten things up. I've only got my dark winter clothes in there at the moment.
After (except I haven't finished painting the right side of the closet)
This is what the closet looked like before:
The closet was just unpainted plasterboard before so I had to plaster up the corners and plaster over the nail heads (all of the closets in the house look like this incidentally). On the right side there was a 1cm gap along the whole edge where the plasterboard had been poorly fitted, so I had to use a fair bit of plaster and plastering tape to cover the gap. It took a while for it dry so I sanded and painted the left side and left the right side for later.

Constructing the closet organiser:

I placed the bottom shelf 30cm (1 foot) from the bottom to create a space for handbags or shoes. I spaced the other shelves 40cm apart. I was originally thinking I'd build this so that it had five 30cm (1 foot) square cubby holes, but it makes it harder to reach your hand into a small gap so I allowed 40cm instead and did four shelves.

I used a roller this time to paint the organiser and I found it gave it a better finish than using paint brush, plus it was a bit quicker that way too.

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