Sunday, 3 February 2013

DIY fabric wall artwork

Sometimes I can't be bothered sitting down and painting a picture on a canvas, so today I've made wall artwork using fabric stretched over a canvas instead. It didn't take long - maybe 15 minutes in total.
I had this fabric left over from something I'd made years ago. I love the reds and oranges on it. Its a stretch fabric, but you can use any fabric you want to create your wall artwork.
You'll need:

- A canvas. Just buy the cheapest since it will be covered anyway.
- Fabric. Needs to be big enough to cover your fabric plus another 2.5cm (one inch) or so extra on all sides.
- A hot melt glue gun and spare glue sticks.

1. Place your canvas on the fabric and cut around it allowing 2.5cm extra on all four sides.
2. Iron your piece of fabric to ensure it is smooth and free of wrinkles.
3. Apply glue along one of the edges on the back of canvas and use your fingers to press the edge of the fabric into like this:

4. I then stretched the fabric over the canvas and glued down the opposite side. Be careful when stretching the fabric over the canvas - you want it to be tight enough to be free of folds and wrinkles, but not so tight that the pattern is stretched and disfigured.
5. Now glue down the last two sides, tucking and gluing the corners like this:

The hot glue dries really quickly. Now all you need to do is pull off any those glue strings that can form when you're working with glue guns, and its done! This is mine looked like on the back - its not perfect but no one will see the back.
And here is the finished result on the wall. I'm planning to repaint this room and add a picture rail so I can hang artwork neatly. At the moment the wall looks very plain, but at least the bright coloured artwork brings life to the boring wall until get around to repainting it.
Chris decided that it looked a little lonely by itself so I made two others to go with it :)

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